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Sales Consultant

For any business looking to increase turnover and profits, a Forge Management experienced Sales Consultant will use their knowledge and skill set to help improve the internal processes and increase the sales cycles and success rate. Either working with a team, along side a key member or directly with the clients to establish relationships and control the selling. The main purpose is for them to generate revenue and grow the business.

Business Consultant

A Forge Management Business Consultant is a catalyst for deeper change and a facilitator of expert guidance and advice. In order to achieve Operational Excellence for your business, they bring with them a business acumen and willingness to impart advice, to provide a better understanding for the management team or Owner Manager, making them an ideal executive management partner.

International Trade Consultant

With the "business-world" being just that. The entire globe has opportunities for most companies. A Forge Management International Business Consultant has experience in foreign markets, international trade and import/export. Providing expert advice, access into their network, research into international business and their local practices. You can begin or grow your global venture with support and professional guidance.

Marketing Consultant

In order to produce the best conversion rates, quickest sales cycles and processes. A Forge Management Marketing Consultant has an expertise in understanding what motivates consumers and buyers. What strategies to use and engage them in the buying process. How to improve opportunities and provide a seamless link to the sales process and, when to work together with the sales professionals to retain or attract new clients or customers.

HR Consultant

Human Resources covers a great deal in any business, and is absolutely necessary. A Forge Management HR Consultant partners with management to advise and ensure policies and procedures are adhered to. Audits and recommendations keep the HR activities compliant. Processes and programs make for a properly balanced, effective and efficient work place.

Risk Consultant

Managing risk is strategically important and contributes to the success of your business. From assessing financial, legal and technology to physical and Cyber security to risks. A Forge Management Risk Consultant has the solutions to help your business manage risk effectively.

IT Consultant

With technology constantly evolving. Improving the structure, efficiency and security of your IT systems is proving to be the main focus for any business conscious of being sustainable. A Forge Management Technology & Innovations Partner provides structure and the help needed to meet the business objectives and overcome challenges and prevent potential threats.

Find Out Which Consultant Is The Right Fit For You..


We have personal professional consultants who know you and understands your needs. They will help you identify your goals and ambitions and unlock your potential.


In a world where ideas are everything your consultant should provide you with innovative and effective solutions which are manageable and financially viable for your business.


Providing you informative results and allowing you to see the bigger picture. Keeping you on track with month on progress to allow further development.

Are You Ready To Forge Ahead..?


Providing you the innovative, reliable, sustainable and economical solutions to your pains and challenges. Your consultant does not only identify the key issues but helps provide solutions. Giving you solutions to overcome challenges in your business.


Consultants are there to facilitate positive change. Change is a vital stepping stone to success and creating growth opportunities. Your consultant will focus on manageable, efficient and effective processes for change to make it as smooth as possible.


Our Consultants care about your business as if it was their own. We pride ourselves in being your business partner without taking a share of your company. As our consultants are independent they will provide you an objective view on dilemma's and solutions helping your business move forwards with the pain of internal politics .

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