Experts who focus on specific fields to give you, valuable advice from real experience, industry understanding and their problem solving abilities.


Equipping you with the right tools, knowledge and opportunities to fully develop your skills and potential. Maximising your performance and resilience.

Innovative Solutions

Providing systems and solutions, to increase productivity, save time, improve business and IT processes. Whilst saving money and keeping your data secure.

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What our clients say...

Stephanie Bollingbrook

Pretty N Personal, Essex

‘I was struggling with organising the business as i was too busy working in it. Forge came in with a new perspective and put in places processes which have reduced the turnaround time by four weeks and tripled January’s profits against the previous three years. This has allowed me to work on the business rather than init, and with Forge’s Continuing help we are now expanding and growing the business’

What is ...

Business Consulting

A Business Consultant is a catalyst for deeper change. They are a facilitator of expert guidance and advice for your business.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing is fundamental for any business. Polishing and perfecting these within your business is vital to ensure sales flourish and your business is sustainable.

IT System & Solutions

IT systems can save you time and money in your business. Whatever industry you are operating in, technology helps your customers access all the information they need to successfully interact with your company. We partner the right solution to benefit your business .

Life & Performance Coaching

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Whether it is the CEO or the sales team. We focus on unlocking individuals potential and maximising their performance which not only benefits them personally but professionally.


Many of our specialists have had speaker training and experience delivering to a multitude of audiences. Your business could benefit from having a expert speaker in a specific field or have some speaker training to provide you with the tools to step on stage.

Educational Workshops

We provide workshops in education sector and in house business workshops focusing on the 7 key areas in business which provides the foundations for success.

We can help you with...

Business Growh 100%
Marketing 100%
Technology & Innovation 100%
Sustainability 100%

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