"Elliot who founded Forge has leaned about success the hard way and can help everyone else avoid the problems he faced. Forge has provided us with the tools we needed to make our business more competitive and successful in the market place. If you are looking for sound advice and great energy give Forge a call. Problem solved."

Maggie & peter Atwood
Wealth Management Professionals, Essex

"I worked closely with Elliot over a number of years, when he was brought in to help take a start-up international wholesale company to being a 19 Million Pound turnover Company in 3-4 years. His broad understanding of business, dedication to growing and developing the company along with his professionalism and approachable nature meant he was liked by all likeable, conscientious consultant and coach with a great deal of commercial business intelligence, then i can highly recommend Elliot."

Fay Hanson
Kingston Group, Australia
"Elliot and his team at Forge have been a shining light since i approached them. Forge has always given me honest advice and doesn't hold back when he knows what will help me and my business. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable and I urge anyone in business who needs guidance to get in touch, because we all need support whether we like to admit it or not...Thank you Forge."
Eddie cooke
Maxi Living, Essex
"Fantastic support from Forge and the team! Forge encourages you and helps you with your mindset. Forge helped us grow our business by guiding us in the right direction. Highly recommend"
Paul storey
Business Coach & Sport Massage Therapist, Essex
"Forge Management keeps you focused an offers superb support. We asked Forge to come into our business to help us grow. Not only did Forge grow our business but also offered immense personal development for all staff which you cannot put a price on. If anyone is looking for a quick thinking, creative and professional business mentor/ coach/ consultant Forge is the company you need."
Kelly Munroe
Property Wealth Academy, Birmingham
" Fantastic support from Elliot and the team at Forge. Forge Management encourages you and helps with your mindset - which we didnt realise how much it was holding us back. Elliot helped us grow our business by guiding using the right direction. Highly recommend Forge Management to anyone."
Rachel & Ben Tonks
R & B Assets, Birmingham
" Although we already had a successful company we had stopped growing Elliot came into help us restructure the business, focusing on areas that we had not considered developing. This allowed us to move the business forward again by putting in place processes that acquired new clients and in turn growing the company by 43% in the next financial year"
Ben Hinchliffe
Unite Flooring Ltd, Staffordshire
"I was struggling with organising the business as i was too busy working in it. Forge came in with a new perspective and put in places processes which have reduced the turnaround time y four weeks and tripled January's profits against the previous three years. This has allowed me to work on the business rather than init, and with Forge's Continuing help we are now expanding and growing the business."
Stephanie Bollingbrook
Pretty n Personal, Essex

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