- Make It The Best Year Yet -

Get Virtual Vision for you and your business

Who is it for?

This is the ultimate Virtual Business Boot-Camp for professionals, business owners & entrepreneurs  like you who don’t like and don’t have time for all of the admin and want to be able to grow the business.

What is it?

A 3 day Virtual Event, to build your Business Master-Plan and put in place your Virtual Admin Office.

Following this is 7 weeks of weekly video sessions and masterminds.

When Is It ?

TBC – Moving from a physical event in Essex to a 3 Day Virtual Event

Then 7 Weeks of ongoing support to remove the stress and overwhelm of the Administrivia while we work with you on growing your business


3 Days + 7 Weeks


Exclusive Places


Day Event


Weeks of Support

Virtual Business Acumen Bootcamp

3 Day Virtual Event + 7 Weeks Of Full Support

Kicking off with a very special 3 Day Business Acumen Event for a total of ONLY 20 owner managers and business professionals like you.

Followed by 7 Weeks of Full-On Office Admin & Business Growth Support 

This is not just a MasterMind...

Usually there would be a 3 course meal MasterMind.

However in The New World of business there is the Virtual Mastermind Table which you will take your place at. An innovative take on ‘the norm’ details of which will be available soon.


Along with The Forge Management Team a guest speaker and the other 19 business owners you have spent time with. You will get to experience a Mastermind over dinner. If you have never been to a mastermind you will love this and, the value of an evening like this can add. if you have, then you know how interesting this will be.

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